About us


was established in Vietnam, a company specializing in trading agricultural products in Vietnam.

 Agricultural products play an important role in the country's economy, contributing significantly to export revenue and creating job opportunities for the people. Vietnam has been famous for its high quality and diverse agricultural products, in which there are some outstanding products such as tapioca starch, white sugar, rubber, coffee and some other agricultural products that are exported to Vietnam. world market.

We are committed to having a full range of domestic and foreign experts with enough knowledge to provide the most optimal solution packages and bring the best efficiency to customers that purchase our products.


Becoming a leading agricultural products provider in Vietnam and the region, VGF is a reputable and valued brand in the market, trusted by domestic and regional consumers.


Providing users with a diverse range of agricultural products (vegetables, fruits) and especially transferring the GIS cultivation management model from Super Map to ensure quality standards and competitive pricing.


  1. Product-related:
  • Striving to always excel and deliver better value to users.
  • Constantly innovating and being creative in all activities.
  1. System-related:
  • Adhering strictly to processes until new systems replace them.
  • Acting for efficiency.
  • Seizing opportunities and embracing change.
  1. Individual-related:
  • Demonstrating commitment, responsibility, and surpassing expectations.
  • Listening and sharing.
  • Willing to do whatever it takes, ready to take responsibility.
  • Reliable, open, and honest.